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LoanPlus1 is an online system created especially for lending institutions such as development banks, money lenders, and savings and loans schemes. LoanPlus1 caters to all types of loans, whether it has a simple interest rate or a compound/reducing balance interest rate.

We launched LoanPlus1 Online Banking in June 2021, a watershed moment for the Development Bank of Tuvalu and Tuvalu as a whole, as it is the country’s first online banking platform.

This was the second phase of the LoanPlus1 implementation, completed in September 2019 at the Development Bank of Kiribati and the Development Bank of Tuvalu. Most recently, in February 2020, it got finished at the Kiribati Housing Corporation. MembaPlus1, an IP1 software package, was recently implemented by the Fiji Police Welfare Society in February 2021.

Features & Benefits

LoanPlus1 has several benefits that make it unique to you and your business. All you need is an internet connection to enjoy the following benefits.

All of our products are developed, marketed, implemented, and supported by our company

IP1 provides personalized and cost-effective software and offers a wide range of services that cover the entire software development life cycle. IP1 works on both onsite and offsite projects, with a focus on the following:

Provident/ Retirement Fund institutions
Development Banks/Lending institutions
Credit Unions/Welfare Organizations/Cooperative

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